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Full text of "The Courts Of Europe V-Ii"

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COURTS   OF   PARIS,   NAPLES,   ETC.                  II

The Count d'Artois plays deep at quinze and
whist; he has lost much, and on that account
hazard is forbidden. The games in use here are
billiards, trictrac, quinze, whist, reversi, and trente-
et-quarante, which concludes the night. At the
jeu de la reine, which is held from seven till nine
on Sundays and Thursdays, all the Court comes
to crowd a room too small for such an assembly.
A lotto table is formed, of ladies in hoops, for the
amusement of Madame. Other small parties are
made in the corners. The King's brothers play
whist; the Queen plays trictrac in a window,
but she is continually staring about, talking and
laughing. Her voice is not musical; her size of
the fullest; she is very fat, and her features begin
to be strongly marked. Madame d'Artois looks
like a starved witch. At the end, the Queen rises
and speaks to the ladies; all play ceases, and
away she walks to supper at Madame's, where
the royal family always meet to sup, unless the
King has a supper in his cabinet.

The courtiers meet daily at 1'CEil de Boeuf
about nine, and then crowd the King's bedchamber
a moment before supper. If he has a souper de
cabinet, a valet de chambre comes out with a list
of twelve names in the King's own handwriting,
which he calls over, and the favoured ones go in.